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The eternal battle rages on...

Two viking tribes – Denmark and Sweden – fighting for supremacy on the Øllesund sea where the grand prize awaits—a gigantic bottle that for centuries leaks its unlimited reserves of beer into the sea.

Pick a side, pick a fight in this 2-player competitive beer-jug-fling-boat-surfing-action-arcade game and try to sink your enemy to gain control of the Øllesund bottle.


Requires Chromecast.
Cast the game to a Chromecast-enabled device to start a game. The second player joins in automatically when the game is started.

Tilt your mobile device to control the ship and press the beer icon on the screen to fling a beer jug at the right timing.

A Nordic Game Jam 2016 game create by:

Programming & Gameplay
Henrik Mads Hansen – Email: zumsalat@hotmail.com
Jakob Arndal – Email: JakobArndal@gmail.com

Awesome Art™
Rebecca Iversen – Email: rebecca.iversen@gmail.com
Søren Berg Pedersen – Email: daxtor@gmail.com
Website: daxtor.artstation.com

Sound Design by Morten Folmer Nielsen
Website: imdb.me/mortenfolmer

Music by Christopher Tåqvist

Google Cast integration & Project page by Stefan Schwarz (@Papa_Justify)


BeerValla.apk 62 MB

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